Saturday, October 19, 2013

Zucca with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

Autumn, I choose you as my favorite season. If for no other reason, you bring us the pumpkin my favorite squash. 

Too many people don't appreciate pumpkin. It's too subtle for taste buds accustomed to processed pie filler and artificial flavor suspended in a candied shell. To me, its flavor is earthy and evokes childhood memories of a warm fireplace before the world discovered the joys of propane heaters. 

Despite its delicate notes, it gives me a sensation of fullness. My most visceral pumpkin memories are of roasting pumpkin seeds with my mother. They never let me use the knife to carve the pumpkin, but I was always there scooping out the seeds and prepping them for roasting. 

What better flavor to pair with pumpkin than vanilla? Another flavor often derided for a lack of bombast. If you turn your nose at vanilla, I suggest you look up a few beverage and cocktail recipes calling for vanilla bean.

Together, pumpkin and vanilla are a classic made new by the artisans at Capogiro. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Champagne Mango and Pesca con Southern Comfort

Yes, we all know that Capogiro takes advantage of the season's best offerings, but I'd like to point out that this is one of my favorite times of year simply for mangos. I like my mangos perhaps a little too ripened. When I cut up a mango, I want the juice to drip off the blade and onto my fingers. I want my fingers to feel sticky as I bite into the flesh. I want the fibers to be thick and giving. I want to lick off my fingers and lips and think of candy.

That's what the Champagne Mango gelato captures... except cold (and therefore more refreshing) and *ahem* much more cleanly. *blush*

I decided to pair this lovely fruit with Peach with Southern Comfort because I wanted to continue the summery fruit flavor with something a bit more mature. While peach is also one of my favorite fruits, on its own, it cannot compare to the mago. So I was happy to see that it had Southern Comfort infused into it. The Southern Comfort gives the peach a more robust sensation. In this case it's as if i'm drinking a perfectly chilled summer cocktail that refreshes while it relaxes.

Overall, a perfect way to relax from a hard day of writing (I'm on staycation :D)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Four Visits to Capo’s in 3 days ….oh my :-D

After over a year Philly hiatus this Bronx girl finally made it back to Capogiro’s for a visit. And of course not knowing how soon I’d be back I had to do things in a big way…. FOUR visits to capo’s in three days!! Indeed, this is one happy, full bellied sorbetto lover. The tasty journey started with a late night frolic with The Sniffer to 13th street for a small cup of ½ Asian pear and ½ lime. The Asian pear was so delightfully sweet and the fantastically lip puckering lime made for a perfect balance of sweet and sour. It had been so long since I had a fresh cup from capo’s that due to my oh so focused consumption I somehow didn’t pay attention to what the sniffer had. I should note that I have had pints in the last year but they’ve been delivery and nothing can beat the feeling of staring into a full Capogiro’s case, sampling and trying to figure the best flavor combinations that could fit into your cup. The next day, visits begun with AMAZING Steel cut oatmeal and a wonderful cup of coffee for breakfast. However, the best taste of capo’s came at the end of the wonderful Philadelphia chocolate walking tour founded by Valerie Beck(be sure to check them out at The tour consists of stops at many fantastic chocolate shops around Philadelphia; some that you might not even know are there and ends at the 20th street Capogiro’s shop. Normally I always go straight for the gelato case but as part of the tour we were offered a cup of the Italian hot chocolate with a fresh plate of whipped cream. I loved the rich thickness of the melted chocolate and the touch of sweetness that the fresh cream added. Once that was devoured, elegantly of course, I made my way over to the case to find APPLE CIDER WITH CLOVE. “EUREKA!!!!!,” I whispered to myself though I wanted to yell it loud enough so that people at 13th street could hear me. APPLES are my most favorite thing in the world, not only do I eat them daily but my day just doesn’t feel complete if I haven’t had one. At the sight of the apple cider, I thought to myself, “maybe I should just leave Philadelphia a day early so that I can take a few pints of this back to nyc b/c who knows if it will be available tomorrow.” After a small cup of the spiced goodness a somewhat cooler head prevailed and I walked back to my hotel leaving room for my fourth and final capo visit to pick up pints to take home the next day (lime with cilantro, grapefruit, apple with calvados, and Asian pear). With all four trips, as always the Capogiro’s staff was amazing and helpful, even with packing my cooler with ice to make sure all the pints made it back safe. This trip was just a reminder that I have to start making more frequent trips to visit my friends and also so that my freezer stays packed with greatness. Till next trip, Turnpike

Monday, May 31, 2010


Omar's right. These bagels are amazing. I literally just finished a cinnamon-raisin and am fighting the strong desire to eat another. I'm already on my 2nd pack of day-olds (6/$2) and have been telling everyone about how delicious they are, even when not freshly baked. I'm so going to 13th for lunch one of these days in order to try a fresh, soft, delicious bagel sandwich. FYI here's their post announcing the bagels?!, which are from H&H.

As for gelato/sorbetto, we've been enjoying all the amazing Fragola flavors this season. I also finally got a chance to try Rosa, which left us talking about it all night! It was so fragrant and sweet and creamy. The tag said that Rosa was made from flowers from the oldest rose garden in the country, Wyck. Floral flavors are very underused here and i'm glad Capogiro takes the opposite route. Lavender Stracciatella is still my top flavor ever but i would LOVE to see a Violet flavor one of these days.

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