Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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The culprit

Capogiro Gelato Artisans cranks out the best sorbetto and gelato we've ever tasted. The ingredients are top notch, seasonal and local. Combined with expert technique and imaginative flavors, the result is a purely amazing frozen treat that words don't do justice.

The cravings
A friend takes you there for a quick cup. Perhaps you've heard of it through word of mouth. You stop in, sample multiple little plastic spoonfuls. You finally decide on a mini cone or small cup, maybe a medium. You might combine 2 or 3 flavors. It's unlike any other gelato you've ever had. The next day, you realize you've been thinking about gelato for hours. You go again. You sample new, different daily flavors. You repeat this cycle for a few weeks, regardless of season. You develop a list of favorites. You look forward to trying the wacky flavors. Finally, you decide it's too expensive to have a daily cup, or even mini cone. You stop going for a few weeks. Then you casually check the daily flavor list online. You say it can't hurt to stop by for one mini cone. You get hooked again. You start buying pints. You use any excuse to walk by. You just can't stop.

Now, replace "you" with my name. Or be. Or K. Countless others have experienced the Capogiro addiction. Here's a place to support each other, rate and review flavors, document our experiences and just discuss one of our favorite things about Philly.

The details
Capogiro has 2 locations in Center City, Philadelphia: 13th St & Sansom St, and 20th St & Sansom St. They are usually open late during the week, later on weekends. In the morning they only serve coffee and hot drinks. They also serve candies, salads and sandwiches.

You're allowed to sample as many flavors as you like. It's not cheap. Think of it as quality over quantity. You can also buy pints in various stores along the Northeast, or order directly from their website.

Click here to see the Daily Flavor List!

How to join in on the fun
1) If you frequent Capogiro on a regular basis and have a lot of opinons on their flavors, email us to join and post!

2) If you have written a review or a specific piece about Capogiro, a certain flavor or one-time experience, email us and we'll link or post your article!

3) Anyone and everyone is encouraged to comment on individual posts!

What's Next?
Look out for our official first post, right after our inaugural ilovecapogiro team visit!

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