Saturday, June 2, 2007

a.k.a. Hazelnut As You've Never Had It Before

I got it on a whim. Sometimes, I don't even ask for a taste. I just look at what they've got, and I order. Nocciola Piemontese is one of those flavors that you think you don't need to try. We've all had hazelnut coffee at some point. We think we understand hazelnut. We don't.

“Hazelnut gelato made with nuts from the Piedmont region of Italy. When this is your first choice, you have your Italian Citizenship.”

When the first spoonful of Nocciola Piemontese hits your tongue, you have begun your education in hazelnut. It's as if you've just bit into an actual hazelnut and you've found yourself in the heart of the nut. There in the middle of the nut, air hasn't made the nut go stale yet, and it's fresh and crisp. The cream really smooths the hazelnut giving it body. The sugar accents the hazelnut and makes it dance. In this form, you don't need to have it as a supplement to your coffee. The hazelnut is complete on its own.

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  1. Dude, you are so right. Edward's dad had also chosen it on a whim (after quietly studying the options without even one taste) and realized he hit the jackpot. What would you suggest pairing Hazelnut with, if anything?


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