Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Batman’s favorite sorbetto?

Riddle me this: When is a gooseberry not a gooseberry? It doesn’t take the greatest detective to know that the answer is: when it’s the caped gooseberry. It’s not a gooseberry at all but actually a member of the tomatillo family. This innocuous yellow fruit would most certainly be the caped crusaders' favorite for a number of reasons:
The most obvious reason would be because they have a cape in common, actually a paper husk which is not in the sorbetto.
The fruit leads a double life as both a tomatillo and a gooseberry just like the playboy millionaire/vigilante superhero.
The Caped Gooseberry is a member of the night shade family – Could it get more perfect?
Maybe at this point you are thinking that I have too many comic books and too much free time. You might be right but don’t let that discourage you from trying this delicious and sublime offering whose sweet beginnings and sour undertones with bits of the yellow skin and seeds in every bite is worth venturing out on to the dark streets of Gotham or Philadelphia as the case may be. This fruit is complex and layered and definite would not be Superman’s choice.


  1. So what flavor would Superman choose?

  2. Superman's favorite flavor would probably either be Kiwi because Kryptonians cling to Kiwi or Starfruit lime. Star fruit lime may seem unlikely but it is well known that Superman has a special place in his heart for yellow stars


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