Monday, May 28, 2007

Cool as a ...

When people think of cucumbers they think of salads but the very phallic green vegetable (really a fruit) is great as a refreshing treat even without the lettuce and tomato. Some restaurants have taken to adding cucumber slices to water to add a clean aftertaste and a new twist on a unremarkable fixture. My new favorite juice bar drink this summer has become cucumber carrot ginger, especially from Four Seasons Juice Bar in Reading Terminal Market which really emphasized the cucumber. So I was so glad to see the cucumber sorbetto at Capogiro the other day. The clean fresh taste adds another level of cool to the frozen deliciousness. I had the cucumber flavor plain the first time and it was so subtle and light, I could almost taste the seeds. I couldn't believe I wasn't biting the actual thing. The cucumber was almost like mint in it's immediate chilling effect. It was so good that I just had to try the cucumber with Vodka flavor that Capogiro also had a few days later. It was also delicious although the vodka gives it a different complexity of taste that takes the fresh edge off the cucumber. It loses the taste of the seeds but it retains it's arctic effect. Lately whenever there isn't a new flavor that I have to eat, cucumber is definitely one of the ones that I fall back on, and if the temperature outside is sweltering I ask for the cucumber or the Starfruit lime flavor to provide my relief. With temperatures above normal for the spring so far I have eaten it almost a half a dozen times in just a few weeks. Yuuum!

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  1. i like the cucumber martinis at cafe spice. it's a nice surprise... k


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