Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Sweetest Of Milks

I'd have to say that Fior Di Latte is my favorite flavor of all time. The Capogiro site describes it as "Milk gelato. Milk from an Amish family's single herd of hormone free, grass fed in Lancaster County. Crazy good."

To me, it taste of possibility. It's beautiful the way a blank piece of paper is before you write a poem. Yet, it's more than just a blank slate. The flavor really highlights the quality of milk and sugar that Capogiro uses in all their gelato. To taste this flavor, you begin to understand how all their milk-based flavors interact with the milk as a backdrop for their robust, creamy, powerful appeal.

I highly recommend Fior Di Latte as a compliment to any flavor but especially to any flavor you feel is overpowering as it can help your palate interpret any flavor without altering it.

1 comment:

  1. Omar has a knack for picking out seemingly-boring sounding flavors, which always end up being EXCELLENT. I think Omar's codename should be "The Sniffer."


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