Thursday, May 31, 2007

Soft Versus Hard

In this article, Cetriolo (cucumber) faces off against Cucumber with Grey Good Vodka... in my mouth!

I know Ed recently posted about cucumber, but I thought I'd toss in my two cents... and choose a favorite.

I enjoy the cucumber as a part of a salad or on a sandwich. I never expected that Cetriolo would be such a good dessert flavor. It is crisp and refreshing. Capogiro has somehow replaced the crunch of eating actual cucumber with a brisk flavor. The flavor lightly dances on the tongue. The small dollops off the tiny Capogiro spoon gently cool you as you eat it. While the vibrant flavor may contribute to my perception, the gelato seems to inherit even a bit of the overall texture of the cucumber: the skin, the meat, the seeds. It's almost a perfect simulation of an actual cucumber. It's the perfect summer treat.

Maybe it is my love for the essence. I do find that there is nothing more beautiful than simplicity. I really feel like the Grey Goose Vodka takes away from the cucumber. I lost the cucumber experience. The flavor seemed dulled. I don't believe the cucumber can compete with the vodka. The texture is lost. It's almost too smooth. The vodka gives the flavor a chemical attribute that, to me, ruins the celebration of such a unexpectedly delicious flavor. The last time I had it, I paired it with Pepino Melon1 which I found much more refreshing and tasty.

In the end, I'm all for Cetriolo. I'm going to pass on Cucumber with Grey Goose Vodka. And, maybe next I get to try their Pepino Melon, I'll write about that.

1 NOTE: I believe that Pepino is the correct flavor. I did not write the name down. Sadly, I only remember ordering it as "melon"; however, I read Capogiro « gas•tron•o•my: Pepino Melon—Originally from Peru, this thin skinned melon is as sweet as a cucumber, but taste like a cantaloupe. You have to love winter melons! When I am able to order Pepino, I'll let you know if it was indeed the flavor. Hopefully, I'll be able to order it with Cetriolo. That will be the summer treat to end all summer treats.

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