Friday, May 25, 2007

Where You at, Peanut Butter?

This always happens to me. I taste a flavor and fall in love, only to never see it offered again! Okay, i'm exaggerating about "never." It's more like weeks go by, i'm checking the daily flavor list every morning with hope and closing the webpage in grumps. Then it's finally on the list, we drop everything and run over, and it's f@&k*n SOLD OUT.

Right now i'm in love with Peanut Butter. The last time we went to the 20th St location, Tiramisu was all the rage - a very fine flavor indeed. As we were heading out the door, i glanced at the offerings case again and noticed a flavor i hadn't tried. That sample of Peanut Butter was simply amazing: roasty, salty, sweet, lightly textured. UGH. One cannot justify buying another cup when one has just finished one.

The last flavors i've loved but not seen offered on a consistent basis: Thai Iced Tea, Chai Tea and Menta Stracciatella.

1 comment:

  1. I agree I love the Menta Straticella, but they never seem to have when I can go and then when they have it there is never any left for me. So sad!


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