Friday, June 15, 2007

Dissapointment Tea Part Two - The Return

On Wednesday Jeannie called me to tell me that Capogiro had Thai Iced Tea listed on the daily list for the 13th Street location again. I immediately called the location trying not to get too excited. “Uh, let me check,” said the woman behind the counter. How could she not know? I thought. My heart deflated a little with every second that passed. I braced for disappointment. “Yeah we have it,” came the reply from the woman. “Really?” I said loudly even though I was calling from work and trying to keep my voice down. “Yeah,” she said. I could hear her impatience growing in her tone. “Ok, can I order two pints and pick them up later?” Again I braced for disappointment as I thought of a plan to get home as soon as possible after work. My mind raced through all of the possibilities. What if they ran out? What if there wasn’t enough for two pints? I needed two pints because Omar was in New York and didn’t want to miss out on the yumminess. The other pint was for Jeannie and I. “I’ll pick it up around 5:45,” I said. For the rest of the day thoughts of the gelato kept coming up in the middle of my work or conversations. I felt like the gelato was seeping out from some secret reservoir in my mouth, allowing me to slightly taste it all through lunch and into the afternoon.

When I arrived at Capogiro I ordered a mini-cone of the Thai Iced Tea as well. I didn’t want to wait until I got home to have some and I wanted to keep the pints pristine for when Jeannie came home. The gelato looked lighter in color than I remembered but I didn’t worry. Then I tasted it. I stood still so I could taste it fully. The creaminess was so soft and the tea came through in a rush at the end. It was still so good, but something was different. Was it that my memory was stronger than the reality? I though of the lighter color again. It hit me. They made the tea lighter this time. It was not a strong a tea flavor as the first time I had it. Had they done this on purpose? Did it not sell as well because it was too strong? I didn’t and still don’t want to believe that they diluted the flavor on purpose because it was so perfect the first time. It was still delicious now but somehow the flavor was more distant, more of a creamy tea than the brisk sweetness that makes Thai Iced tea so refreshing and addictive. I still highly recommend this flavor but look forward to a stronger (oranger) batch the next time.


  1. I agree. The Thai iced tea gelato was still delicious, but definitely MUCH better last time - stronger, punchier and more flavorful. It was just like the real thing, only in frozen dairy form. This batch is more subtle.

  2. Hi Kitties!

    I am so sad :( because I am not in Philly to eat all this yumminess, and even if I was I can't have more than a bite :( Damn blood sugar problem!

    Great blog by the way, I've been enjoy reading all of the entries :)

    Thai iced tea gelato sounds so good.




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