Monday, June 11, 2007

Dissapointment tea

As much as I love many of the flavors that Capogiro offers, there is one that is my favorite. I love Caped Gooseberry so so much. I love cucumber so so much. I love Menta so so much and there are so many more that I would be hard pressed to come up with a top three but I know what my number one would be. It was a flavor that I was not expecting to see in the case or on the list of flavors at Capogiro. It was a flavor that I would not have even thought that I wanted in Gelato form, but it is a flavor that I don’t think I could live without now that I have had it. Thai Iced tea is one of my favorite drinks. I would say it is in my top five for sure. Jeannie and I have gone to Thai restaurants just because we crave the drink. Jeannie has even made a really good Thai Iced tea from scratch. The Thai Iced Tea Gelato might be the perfect gelato, at least in my opinion. None of the other flavors that I have had at Capogiro are as balanced and as perfectly smooth and sweet although many get close. The tea flavored gelatos are amongst my favorites over all. The Chai tea is delicious as well as the Early Grey and the gunpowder tea, but the Thai ices tea is just better. The black tea taste is strong and hits the mouth immediately but then it is lulled into bliss by the wave of sweetened milk and it just becomes heaven. I can't wait to have it again!! I thought that wait was over when Jeannie called me to tell me that Capogiro had emailed her the flavors for today and Thai Iced Tea was on the list!! A quick check of the website confirmed it. Jeannie called Omar and he rushed over to the 13 Street location, but no Thai Iced Tea!! WHAAAT? I'll let Omar tell that part but the moral of the story is do not always trust the daily flavors mailing or the website, call first.

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  1. When i called 13th this afternoon, they said they might have Thai ice tea gelato on Wednesday, so let's check then... :(


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