Thursday, June 21, 2007

Go Fig-ure another new favorite

OK to update you on the grilled pineapple saga. I went over to the 13th street location straight from work (without calling first) and they did not have grilled pineapple in the case. I asked one of the people behind the counter and she told me that she would check to see if it was a backup flavor. I didn’t know there was such a thing but I waited with baited breath for the result of her basement search. She came back and told me that because they had three flavors that included pineapple that day, Pineapple Mint (Anana with Menta), Aloha Monkey and Grilled Pineapple, they ran out of pineapple so they made the one with menta and the Aloha Monkey and went to get more for the grilled, but by the time they got more the flavors were already made so the grilled pineapple went out for wholesale instead. She was so nice about the whole thing and seemed sincerely sorry to disappoint me. I was so sad though! :( So take my advice even though I sometimes ignore it and call ahead.

Now to tell you about yesterday, Yes we do go a lot, why should’t we. Anyway yesterday we went over to the 20th street location to get Black Mission Fig. When I first heard about this flavor I though it would be a milky gelato, similar to the mascarpone and fig. I was excited but not overwhelmingly so. Kavita first told us about it and she said it was so good she got a pint of it every week last summer. I have to say that I was not thinking that I would do the same. I love fig but I always feel that it is lost in most things it is used in. It is usually sopping with sugar or honey or dried into a concentrated sweetness. I like those things but I love eating the fruit fresh much better. The creamy flesh and the gritty paste in the center are sooooo good and so elegantly underplayed. I eat it when ever they are in season. That is why I was not super excited about the milky fig gelato that I expected. Then on the walk over to the 20th Street location Jeannie told me it was a sorbetto. I became very excited by this prospect. I quickened my pace and imagined what it would taste like. Could it be that it would be as good as my imagination. Just one taste and we bought a pint. It was so good! As Jeannie says, “Definitely Pint worthy!” Just like eating the sweet ripe fruit except that it was smoother and of course frozen.
We also bought a small cup of half Green gooseberry and half Strawberry Zabiglione. The Green gooseberry was a tarter version of Caped Gooseberry, so you know I liked it. I have been on a real sour kick lately. I just love the way that sour things are enhanced by the cold. The Strawberry Zabiglione was very good as well with delicious strawberry jam mixed in with the Italian custard. I highly recommend both of them. They even tasted good together, although we were fretting over the combination before hand. They keep their individual characteristics even when eaten in the same spoonful.
One thing to be aware of though, the website listed both locations as having Black Mission Fig yesterday but only the 20th Street location had it so call ahead if your heart is set on a flavor. They have it listed again for both locations today but I would call if I were you.

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  1. damn, i have to get by there and get some pints of that stuff! let's hang out soon, we're back in philly now. -k


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