Saturday, June 23, 2007

June Pint #5: Lavender Stracciatella

Last night i called the 13th St location to check on the Lavendar availability. I was told that a last minute change produced Lavendar Stracciatella instead of just plain Lavendar. "It has specks of delicious dark chocolate mixed in," he explained.

be and i grabbed our little cooler and headed over. I was pretty sure they'd still have a lot left but was surprised to see that the Lavendar Stracciatella tub was quite empty. One taste and we knew it was Pintworthy but we thought by the looks of it, there was only enough for a small cup. Our nice gelato server assured us there was plenty for a pint and then some, so we watched worriedly as he scraped the sides clean to fill the pint container. Sure enough there was just enough for the pint plus a spoon - yay!

I love lavendar and Capogiro definitely made an EXCELLENT batch, a perfect mix of strong lavendar aroma in a creamy base, paired with flecks of crunchy dark chocolate. It's addictive and perhaps calming - that's probably why i keep sneaking spoonfuls every hour! Top 5 for sure. It doesn't contain pieces of dried lavendar flowers so i assume the flowers were steeped in the milk to extract the flavor. Our most favorite lavendar & chocolate item yet!

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  1. Hi Bexnnie

    That sounds and looks so yummy! :)



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