Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June Pint #2: Lychee

be was so right in buying a whole pint of Lychee today! The sorbetto had an ultra-creamy texture - a wonder since it's vegan - and the tell-tale sweet, perfumey, fragrant top note of fresh lychees. Granted, it wasn't as delicious as the real deal, but definitely the most accurate and most satisfying icy-dessert rendition i've ever tasted. (It's not that the taste wasn't right, but more that eating with a spoon isn't as fun as peeling off the tough red skin, slurping the juice and popping the fruit into your mouth whole.) An overall excellent pint. Yay Capogiro!

Did you know that lychees are native to Southern China, specifically Guangdong province? Represent! Side note: the real, Cantonese pronounciation is "lie-chee" as in "lying cheese" whereas Mandarin-speakers say "leechee" as in "leaving cheese."

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