Monday, June 4, 2007

June Pint #1

On average, we buy about 3 whole pints of gelato per month. When a flavor is that good, it's a no-brainer must-do. You just never know when you'll see the flavor again, and although the last week-old spoonful in your freezer isn't nearly as fresh, it's certainly better than nothing!

The pint contains about 1/3 Cioccolato Banana and 2/3 Peanut. I asked for clarification on the "Peanut" v "Peanut Butter" and was told that they're the same thing: peanut gelato with swirls of fresh peanut butter made in-house. Apparently, due to the extra steps of roasting and grinding, the flavor isn't offered frequently. It's so creamy and smooth, with a slightly roasty sweet base. The swirls are dense and salty, like freshly-ground peanut butter from a natural foods store. I think the pairing with Cioccolato Banana is perfect - just like a peanut butter sandwich with bananas and Nutella, only 1000x better (and no bread!).

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