Friday, July 13, 2007


Recently I have had several good flavor combinations from Capogiro suggested by staff. I have always found the staff to be very helpful especially when it comes to recommendations. Many of the flavors are unusual and while that may be very attractive to someone like me, not everyone enjoys culinary risk. I have heard them give out several good flavor recommendations and even rate the batches that were better than usual for the day. Here are some of the combinations that I have been recommended recently:
Raspberry/Dark Chocolate- recommended by Emily- This was described to me as a raspberry truffle and I agree that it was very delicious especially if you like chocolates filled with fruit. I like the fruit better on its own most of the time. The raspberry is very fresh and light and the dark chocolate is very rich and heavy so it is goes well together.

Cucumber/Rosemary Honey Goat’s milk-recommended by Emily- I was skeptical of this combination but when I tried it I found that I really enjoyed it. The flavors disappear as individual flavors and a third flavor emerges that is very delicious.

Mexican Chocolate/Walnut- recommended by Jenna- Although I did not get a serving of this because I was picking up a pint of Lavender Stacciatella, I did try this combination and really liked it. I think that if there isn’t something new to eat the next time I go there I will get a full serving of this combination.

Also they have many berries right now including Black raspberry, Red raspberry, Blueberry. They are all delicious, try them all.

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