Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mid-July Pint Roundup

Right now there is an insane grouping of pints in our freezer! I don't exactly recall which ones were purchased at the end of June as opposed to July, but for certain we obtained White Peach and a double of Red Watermelon & Yellow Watermelon with Grappa over the weekend. (be and i were actually out of town but O kindly ran over and purchased the 2 pints for us on an emergency run!) Most of the pints contain only a small amount of gelato or sorbetto left. For some reason we like to "save" the last bit; i know it's actually dumb since freezerburn eventually takes over, but i suppose this fits into our hoarder mentality.

Current Pints in our Freezer:

Red Watermelon & Yellow Watermelon with Grappa
White Peach
Thai Iced Tea
Lavender Stracciatella
Menta Stracciatella
Black Mission Fig

We're so not allowed to buy any more pints until we reduce these!

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