Monday, July 30, 2007

Sweet Sweet Love in Red and Yellow

Sometimes when you love something it is more difficult to put feelings to words. You want those words to be just right. You want to convey all of the nuanced greatness of the object of desire without seeming as though you are baselessly fawning. You want everyone to see it through your point of affection. I say all of this to explain that although I tasted Capogiro's watermelon sorbettos several weeks ago I did not have the grasp on my feelings until today. I love watermelon, always have, since time immememoriam. I look forward to summer partly because I know Watermelon will soon be dripping down my chin and onto my shirt. It is difficult to satisfy someone that truly loves a food this much. How can they capture all of the different aspects there are to love? I would say they cannot, nothing can except the food itself. The only thing that any artisan can do is to convey or accentuate a few of the aspects and heighten them through their art. I would argue that Capogiro has done that with the Watermelon Gelatos. The red Watermelon or “Cocomero Rosso” and the yellow Watermelon or “Cocomero Giallo" are very well represented as Sorbettos. They accentuate the difference between the two types beautifully. The red is sweet and powerful while the yellow is subtle and complex. Both have the unmistakable and utterly refreshing taste of sweet watermelon. I love both of them. There is no chin dripping unless you take to long to eat it but it is a great treat that encapsulates summer. Omar might interject here and advise people not to eat them together as the red would overpower the yellow, and he would be right in saying so. I would normally follow this sage advice but there are some things that are beyond restraint. I had them together, I am not really about measuring out pleasure, I am a glutton for it. You can choose for yourself, just get there before I do because I can’t promise to leave you any. In fact I would go right now if I were you. Check on the left hand menu to see if they have it available today.

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