Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Frappe II

Yeah, so I'm a liar. Fine. Whatever. I admit to it. I totally had another frappe. Some "vacation from a normal cup" that turned out to be. I went in thinking I was gonna get some nuts. I was sure of it. I was going to get Hazelnut and Pistacchio. Then, I turn around and order a Mexican Chocolate frappe. In my defense, it was recommended to me by the baristi.

Cioccolato Mexicano frappe = wow.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I sometimes get confused with the spicy gelato. The whole sweet and spicy thing really throws me for a loop. Maybe if it wasn't dessert, it wouldn't be such an issue; but who knows. But much like the cinnamon frappe, mixing in more milk, really makes it easier for my taste buds to comprehend.

Cioccolato Mexicano, "Sweet and Hot. Hints of bitter almond, ancho chili and chipotle powder. Hits you at the end."

Talk about complex. It is! That chili and chipoltle really hit you too. In the frappe I could really separate the ingredients and enjoy their voices better individually and in concert together.

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