Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The Rittenhouse square Capogiro has Basil and Tomato today. I actually got to try a variation of this combination a few weeks ago. It was lemon opal Basil with Heirloom tomato so it could be very different than today’s offering, but I would say they are probably comparable. The Heirloom Tomato was really interesting and prominent although I love tomatoes from a garden better. I probably would not have it alone even though I love tomatoes; it needs to be paired with something like the lemon Opal Basil. The tart of the Lemon Opal Basil really brought out the natural sweetness of the tomato while ignoring the added sugar. It didn’t taste like lasagna or anything but it would be interesting to see if one day they have Ricotta, Basil and Tomato on the same day. That would be a very cool experiment. Today’s offerings theoretically could get close to a sweet pizza or something. I may go over and try some.

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