Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spreading the Joy of Capogiro’s

On a glorious day in July I was driving back to NY from a weekend trip to Maryland. Traffic was fantastic, the sun was shining. As I watched the boats sail by while I was driving across the Delaware Memorial Bridge I thought to myself. There was only one more thing that could make the day perfect….CAPOGIRO’S!!!! I have a cooler in the trunk and Omar told me that they would give me ice. So I pulled off at the first rest stop, sent a text to O to see if everyone wanted to go and started on my detour. After meeting up with everyone I proceeded to buy 4 pints to take back to NY. So with two pineapple mint, one kiwi and one Yellow Peach (for my grandmother who loves peaches) I speed back to NY. Back in the Bronx I ate the first pint of pineapple mint in just two days. It felt fantastic to reintroduce myself to what it means to have fresh Capogiro’s. That incredible balance of two of my favorite flavors made me savor every spoonful. But when that first pint was gone my freezer looked so sad and with only the two other pints, some lonely ice trays, some chicken sausages and a bottle of vodka. I longed for more but didn’t want to open the last pint of the flavor for fear that I would finish it and have to look at the bottom of the empty pint with sorrow. The next day while traveling for work I passed Balducci’s Food Lover’s market in Scarsdale. I remembered seeing that name on the Capogiro’s website. I jerked my steering wheel to the right and pulled into the parking lot. Soon I was leaving behind yet another sticker-shocked cashier with my money as I walked out with three pints of pineapple mint (one for my other grandmother since the guilt had set in of giving a pint to one grandmother but not the other). I raced back to my office hoping to stop my pints from melting in the sweltering heat. As I ran in the door a co-worker at the front desk who is always looking for food eyes my bag and follows me to the kitchen to ask what goodies I have. I explain my obsession and give her a taste in a teeny tiny cup and retreat upstairs to my laptop. An hour later I come back downstairs and the cup and spoon are still sitting on her desk. I ask a very silly question….”Did you like it?” She replied “I left the cup here hoping you’d offer a refill.” Maybe I’m mean? Maybe it’s because this woman is always taking food from me? But I didn’t offer anything more than a “Glad you liked it” and went about my work. Next thing I know a shadow is casting its way across my desk and I look up to find my co-worker standing above my desk. “Can I buy some from you?” She pleads. “$10 bucks and it’s yours” I say as my inner pusher slips out. I take her money but am sad at the loss of a pint as it means that after I give my grandmother one I’ll be down to the one left in the fridge and one store bought. But that evening I get home, put my pint in the freezer and feel happy again looking upon two full pints of pineapple mint and one kiwi and loving the fact that I’ve been able to share the joy of Capogiro’s.

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  1. I think you shoulda charged at least $12!


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