Sunday, December 23, 2007

Apple Jacks

Going back a couple of months... I had crazy good pairing. Apple Jacks! It was a creation of one of the 13th Street employees; and it was Saigon Cinnamon with Macintosh Apple. Genius.

The apple flavors I've tried have been so crisp that I forget there wasn't that pop of biting through skin. Capogiro captures the essence of apple so completely it's like eating the body of a ripened apple at its peak just before it becomes too sugary. Balanced there, it's a reminder of my younger years in the suburbs of our great city. Apples are best when you pick them from a regional farm. Actually, I stopped just now to research picking apples. I don't even go in for that earthy crunchy hippy crap. But the memory of that gelato really got me thinking about fresh apples. I suspect that its the fine grain of the ice is what allows the apple to hit your tongue just right. It's got to be something about how the ice doesn't retain cold as well and melts quickly releasing the powerful apple juice at a rate where it pours over your tongue like a slow wave.

The Saigon Cinnamon really must be tasted to be believed. I've discussed it in the past. Suffice to say, it's a real cinnamon not at all artificial.

Had I thought ahead, I would have gotten a medium and added Vanilla to make it a la mode...

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