Saturday, September 29, 2007

PB&J con Brioche

I received a recommendation to try Capogiro's sandwiches for lunch. Intrigued, I attempted to actually have a meal there. However, when I got there, one of the highly competent staff at 13th Street recommended Peanut (sometimes referred to as Peanut Butter) and Uva Concord saying it tasted just like peanut butter and jelly. Upon tasting the combination, I agreed and immediately requested it on a brioche.

This PB&J gelato sandwich was the most amazing gelato experience of my life. I'm not even a peanut butter and jelly fan, and this sandwich wowed me beyond belief. It was some next level $4!+ on this level, if you know what I mean. The peanut gelato captures the flavor of a roasted peanut. It's like tasting a texturally lighter peanut butter that doesn't stick to your mouth; it is only the essence of the flavor. The Uva Concord with its sweetness feels as if you bitten into a grape and the juice is exploding onto your tongue. Pair those together, the roasted peanut with the sweet grape; and I take back what I said earlier about the Fruitti Di Bosco con Brioche... The Peanut / Uva Concord is the best possible Gelato con Brioche.

Addendum: The employee that was part of the most amazing gelato experience was Adam. Whazzup, dude.


  1. I had one a few hours after The Sniffer, and yeah shit was awesome! Sadly for my friends, i ordered the last brioche ... hahaha slowbots! I love Peanut (top 5 for sure) and it was so perfect with the Uva Concord on that delicious toasty brioche.


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