Friday, September 21, 2007

Sweetest Pear

Two nights ago the 13th St location offered Lancaster Asian Pear. We didn't bother calling ahead because we also wanted to try Baked Apple, hence less chance of tears rolling from Tears' eyeballs if they ran out of something.

When i first sampled Asian Pear, the first thing that hit was an explosion of sweetness. It was ultra sugary and light, with the telltale grit and texture of Asian pears. I was a little bit stunned by how purely sweet it was; there was no tart or sour tone anywhere. But then i realized that Asian pears are super sugary sweet. In sorbetto form you don't get the extra-crispness and juiciness of the pear, but the flavor was dead on. We finally decided on a small cup of half Asian Pear, half Nectarine; both flavors went well together. I must admit i liked the Nectarine a weensy bit more than the Asian Pear, but that the pear really did grow on me after a few more spoonfuls. I love the real deal and Capogiro made a perfect batch; i suppose it just wasn't the same without the crisp and crunch.

Is it fair of me to be sad that an iced treat isn't crunchy like the real thing? I guess it's because Capogiro gets the flavor so perfectly, that my mind wants the rest -- the crunch, the skin, the aroma of the real piece of fruit. That's a compliment, in my book!

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