Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall is back

I have been slacking in posting to the blog and it’s not because we haven’t gone to Capogiro lately. We are going just as often, about 4 times a week, depending on what they have on the menu, but I have just been really busy with other things. Here are some highlights from recent trips:

Fall flavors are definitely in full swing. The Cranberry apple is very good,
although I wish they would make a full strength Cranberry. I bet that would be so tart and so good.
The pumpkin is on the menu almost every day and it deserves to be there because it is crazy good. I think the sniffer and sugar have already posted about it so I will just say I agree with their praise of it.

Yesterday I paired Baked Apple with Saigon Cinnamon and got delicious Apple pie. I highly recommend it, especially if the cinnamon is good that day.

Pomegranate was amazing also. It keeps so much of the pomegranate flavor without the hours of labor to get all of the seeds out. It’s like a lazy person’s pomegranate experience. This will probably peak in December when pomegranates peak, so you know I’ll be checking the daily list.

There was also a batch of Mint Stacciatella the other day that was really good. Not as good as the first time we had it. That batch was unbelievably potent, but I think the batch from the other day was second best. I was so lost in the flavor that I actually called it Mint Strat in front of the staff – Mint Strat is our nick name for it. No one seemed to notice so I guess it was ok.

Oooh, I almost forgot. A few weeks ago I had the Beet with Orange and I know what you are thinking, I am not a fan of beets either but this actually tasted really good. It kind of tasted like a mild orange juice. If you are a fan of beets then this is probably not for you because none of the distinctive aftertaste was present and the beet was definitely muted. If you are like me however, this is the beet choice for you.

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