Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Comes Early

On a whim, I decided to give myself a taste of November in October with a little help from Capogiro. The photo you're looking at of Zucca (Lancaster County Long Necked Pumpkins) and Sweet Potato With Pecan Praline (Lancaster County sweet potatoes swirled with pecan praline).

The Zucca wasn't what I expected. What I expected was pumpkin pie. But it's not. It's pumpkin. So it doesn't have the sort of concentrated flavor I was looking for. It's much more subtle and mature than that. It's surprisingly light. The flavor probably speaks to the fact that they're using the long necked pumpkin versus a processed, canned ingredient. The long necked pumpkin was probably selected as it's easier to peel. I have to say that the Zucca does make a good flavor to pair against since it won't dominate a cup.

Indeed, it did pair well against the Sweet Potato With Pecan Praline. The yam flavor is very strong with the praline mixed throughout. It's not quite as smooth as most gelato as it has the crushed bits of praline. But that praline is what gives the gelato a sweet lining that not only brings out the flavor of the yam but is fantastic on its own. Again, this is a flavor that defies your expectations. The first time I tasted it, I was put off by the praline's very slight crunch. The second time, now more aware of the candy, I found the texture to have a nice contrast from the ordinary.

If you want a preview of the Thanksgiving to come, put these two flavors together. You'll find yourself craving a little dinner or at least a Jones Soda Holiday Pack.

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