Monday, October 1, 2007

What have you done for me lately? part 2

I had to split this post into two parts because I could not get all of the flavor tags into one post. I should post more often!

Baby Kiwi: so good and sweeter than adult kiwis.

White currants: They looked like glimmering pearls they looked so good in the case. The flavor was good but it was very similar to other flavors and so not very distinct.

Figs: They had something called white fig which is actually green fig. They called it white fig because the flesh is white. While the Black figs taste like jam or preserve because they are so sweet and dense these “white figs” are creamy and light and delicious, they taste more like fresh figs. I like this flavor better than the other varieties of fig gelato that they produced.

Stone Fruit: I have really liked the many peach and nectarine offerings they have had lately. My favorite was the white peach which less sweet than the yellow peach and the nectarines. I have a real thing for plums and have liked all of the plums and pluots that they have offered. I have not seen a green plum offering but I am sure I would like that one too.

I also had a delicious Frappe made with Bananas Foster and Burnt Sugar. It was so good like bananas Brulee

Thanks to the whole Capogiro crew at 13th street for all of the flavor combinations lately. They have really been right on the money.

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