Monday, December 17, 2007

Frappe III

While I was out in Southern California, I experienced perhaps the best milkshake ever: a Nutella shake. I had it in this French cafe in Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade. The first few sips were not impressive at all. But then, with enough Nutella in my bloodstream, every additional sip sent me further and further into euphoria.

Back in Philly, I thought I'd try to recreate some of that joy with the Nutella Frappe. Wha-BAM! Insta-good stuff. Nutella gelato is impressive on its own. Nutella, for the uninitiated, is a creamy hazelnut and chocolate spread for toast and other bready food objects. I'm struggling to explain the greatness of Nutella. So I suggest we all go out right now, get some from our local grocery store, slather it onto some toast, and enjoy. Once we all do that, we'll have a point of reference. So, go. Now. I don't know what you are waiting for. Leave this post open, get off yer tail, and get moving. I'll wait.

So now that you're eating your toast with Nutella spread. You'll notice how it contrasts with the crisp of the bread. You'll notice the smooth cream, the chocolate, the rich hazelnut, the way it coats your mouth, so powerful. You'll probably want to grab a glass of milk or milk substitute.

The Nutella frappe captures the sensation of the Nutella pouring over your tongue. In the frappe form, it has some advantages over regular Nutella. First off, it's lighter. It isn't as potent as the spread because it's diluted by being gelato then by being a frappe. So you won't have the same urge to grab a glass of water. Also because it's cold, the frappe is overall more refreshing.

Inquiring minds want to know: How does it compare to the Santa Monica Frappe? Well, it's a different beast. Santa Monica is making Nutella into a frappe. Capogiro is making Nutella into gelato which is being made into a frappe. Obviously, Capogiro's isn't going to be as potent. It also doesn't give that building momentum of taste. However, Capogiro's frappe is more consistent. The upside is that Capogiro never gets to the point that you need a glass of water to act as a chaser.

In closing, if you want to have the pure Nutella experience, get some. If you want a drink that whoops you into a sugar laden frenzy, go to Santa Monica. If you want the essence of Nutella in a cool refreshing beverage, head over to Capogiro.

PS For those who want to know, the next time I can get a Nutella con Brioche, I'm so there...

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