Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Affogato Obsession - Wild Flower Honey

Omar (The Sniffer) and I went to Capogiro this evening to grab a pint of Burnt Sugar (the main component to my affogato obsession) when I saw it in the cooler... Wild Flower Honey.

Normally I wouldn't be so excited, but I began to have affogato fantasies where I was using the Wild Flower Honey to sweeten my coffee in the middle of the night. Bitter, cheap, homemade espresso tempered by luscious gelato... mmm...

Was I ready to commit to a pint? Alas, no.

I got a cup of the small, which I can rarely finish (I'm not little spoon for nothing!) and brought most of it back home to experiment with.

A few hours later, a small cup with Chai tea was calling out for Wild Flower Honey gelato. Prepared in the same way as the traditional espresso affogato, the chai tea was the perfect receiver. This particular batch of WFH is really powerful stuff.

If WFH is at Capogiro again soon, I'll be snagging a pint.

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