Saturday, December 15, 2007

Burnt Sugar Affogato Comes Home

OMAR: So, tell us, Jen, what is up with your obsession with the Burnt Sugar Affogato?

JEN: I think I started getting the Affogato because I wanted coffee desperately, and at the same time I wanted comfort food.

OMAR: Why Burnt Sugar in particular?

JEN: Because I love Flan. It reminds me of childhood. It reminds me of Christmas. That's when Mom would always make flan.

OMAR: So, the Burnt Sugar tastes just like Flan?

JEN: Pretty damned close.

OMAR: How many were you getting?

JEN: I was doing three a week. Maybe four.

OMAR: Wow, that is a lot. Is that what prompted you to start making them at home?

JEN: The coffee isn't as good at home. La Colombe is so much better than the instant espresso, but you have to make due with what you have. I'm getting better at making the Affogato at home. But if you're reading this chances are you're either working at Capogiro so you can just make it yourself with the better coffee or you'll just go to Capogiro. I'm a night owl so nothing is better than an Affogato at 3 am. So until capogiro has 24 hour service...

Homemade Burnt Sugar Affogato

1 small scoop Burnt Sugar gelato (to taste)
3 oz espresso

Place the Burnt Sugar in your coffee cup. Pour espresso carefully over gelato. Enjoy!


  1. Mmmm, that looks so yummy. If only I had some capogiro's that would go well with espresso I'd try and make some.

  2. you don't have any more of the pints? i thought you were stockpiling capogiro in the bx!

  3. Apparently Turnpike only has SORBETTO in that freezer! I think she needs to come down and stock up on some dairy flavors!

  4. OMFG Lil Spoon is so right on! That Burnt Sugar Affogata is the shit! It's an amazing combination of flavors and really does remind me of flan. Now i must get a pint of Burnt Sugar gelato and try to make this at home.


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