Sunday, December 30, 2007

Want To Try An Affogato But Live In Fear Of A Hot Espresso Shots?

Then, I recommend pairing something with the Espresso. Espresso itself is a shockingly good flavor. I couldn't be certain without asking, but I'm pretty sure they use La Colombe coffee for the Espresso. In the sorbetto form, it's less harsh to intake. If you're not into the hard bitterness of Espresso, but enjoy the strong coffee flavor, look no further. The Espresso is a sorbetto which is to say that it has no dairy. It's a coffee dessert that is texturally light but with a strong flavor. The roasted, smokey character of the bean remains center stage with the sweet and cold background providing dynamic.

The Mandorla Tostata (toasted almond) is a fantastic partner for the Espresso sorbetto. I don't know how nuts always seem to go along with coffee so well. I just accept and enjoy that fact. So when I tried the Mandorla Tostata, I knew I was in for a treat. By toasting almonds, you make the almond's flavor more dynamic. Additionally, a slightly smokey flavor is added to the nut and makes for a more mature, filled out taste experience.

Combining these two give you a glimpse of what an Affogato is like. But keep in mind, a true Affogato mixes the experience of the hot and cold into a wonder blend of joy.

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