Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Gauntlet has been thrown down

I can't believe we missed seeing it but "Kmart" thankfully alerted us to the fact that in the latest Capogirogelato.com newsletter we are mentioned, and more than that, we are named as the reason why sea salt was made this week!!! I am reminded of the Ren and Stimpy Cartoon from the 90's and the song "Happy, Happy Joy, Joy!!" We are all doing the happy, happy, joy, joy song and dance not only because of the acknowledgment but also because Sea Salt was sooooo good. Stephanie Reitano, one of the creators and operators of Capogiro writes the newsletter which is linked to below. She is calling all Capogiro lovers to be a part of Capogiro history by suggesting a flavor! Follow the link for details:

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