Monday, January 14, 2008


Honey Cumin: finally, fate brought me out around Rittenhouse before 10pm on a night 20th St had this elusive flavor! Unfortunately, it wasn't as sweet/savory as i wanted. The honey tone was strong even though the flavor overall was light, but for the life of me i couldn't taste the cumin. Tears said he tasted it "in the back of the throat" but it just wasn't strong enough for me. I'll certainly try it again in case this was a freak batch. Perhaps i have really "burned all my taste buds off" by consuming too much hot sauce, as Tears likes to claim.

Moro (Sicilian Blood Orange): amazingness! I love this flavor so much. It's sweet, tangy, bitter, explosive, complicated, dark, light - hey i just realized it's the Scorpio of sorbetto flavors! Be sure to consume this flavor as much as possible before it's out of season.

Pompelmo Rosso (Ruby Red Grapefruit): batches have been totally excellent recently! So refreshing. Now i must try Pummelo and Seville Orange.

Caribbean Sunrise Papaya: usually i'm not so into this flavor. I love fresh papaya but the sorbetto version always seemed too creamy blandy to me. Last week however, the batch at 13th St was shockingly delicious, reminiscent of the fresh version with the aroma and everything. We had it with Cilantro Lime as Mary Kate suggested and it was an excellent pairing.

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