Monday, January 7, 2008

Sad Me

Crappily, i didn't get a chance to try yesterday's Honey Cumin flavor at 20th Street! I love cumin and i'm positive Capogiro made a crazy batch. It's not a flavor i've seen on the daily list often so i hope it's offered again soon. Another flavor i'd love to try at Capogiro is Sea Salt, but i've NEVER seen that on the menu. The first time i had olive oil gelato (at Otto in New York), it was served with Maldon sea salt, extra virgin olive oil drizzles, pomegranate seeds and candied orange peel; the salt really brought out the flavor of the gelato. I love sweet/savory and i cannot lie.

PS: the soft nougat bars on the counter at the 13th Street location are excellent. Next time i get one i'm eating it all by myself in one sitting.

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