Monday, January 21, 2008

Sea Saltiness

This morning we received a call from The Sniffer. "Dude, it's O. It's an EMERGENCY! They have SEA SALT!" After verifying that 13th was really carrying this never seen flavor, we planned to meet there around 12:30pm.

I had actually never been to Capogiro that early. All of the gelati and sorbetti containers were pristine except for a few tiny scoops removed. Straight to the Sea Salt, we each sampled a spoon.

Being a pessimist, i was a bit worried that Sea Salt wouldn't be as delicious as it was in my mind. Thankfully, i was so wrong - it was BETTER than i expected. In a smooth, creamy, slightly sweet base of fior de latte, the mineral saltiness stood out strong and addictive. Top 5 for sure!

The pairing of the day was Sea Salt with Golden Margarita. We sampled this and it was definitely tasty. I also sampled Cioccolato with Sea Salt, which was a richer combination than with Golden Margarita. I didn't try this, but i suspect Sea Salt would've been good with Lemon, too. We ended up sharing a medium cup of Sea Salt, Golden Margarita and Cioccolato; we also went all out and got a full pint each of Sea Salt and Moro (Sicilian Blood Orange).

I'm looking forward to eating our pint of Sea Salt with some melted dark chocolate drizzled on top, which will harden into crunchy strips when it hits the cold gelato. Then, i'll cook up a batch of peanut brittle and crumble it on top, creating a crunchy sweet topping to go with the creamy smooth salt base. I can't wait!

Capogiro really outdid themselves with Sea Salt! I hope they offer it more frequently!

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  1. This sounds incredible! Why have you only taken us there once? All the flavors we have missed.


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