Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Top 5

I know this is extremely difficult, but let's all post our Top 5 Flavors Ever lists! Granted, not everyone has tried every single flavor ever produced, but of the ones you've had, what are your 5 favorites? Do you notice any trends in your choices (ie: sour flavors, only chocolate ones, super sweet nuttiness)? Feel free to use any disclaimers or explanations, if it makes it easier.

Here are mine right now:

Sugar's Top 5 Flavors Ever
Lavender Stracciatella
Menta Stracciatella - super minty batch
Moro (Sicilian Blood Orange) - a nice bitter rindy batch
Peanut - this flavor is always perfect
Pompelmo Rosso con Campari (Grapefruit with Campari)

Sugar's Next Top 9 Flavors Ever
Carambola con Limone Verde (Starfruit and Tart Lime)
Chai Tea - not too clovey
Cilantro Lime
Lemon Opal Basil
Mela (Apple) - so fresh!
Nocciola Piemontese (Hazelnut)
Rosemary Honey Goat Milk
Sea Salt
Thai Iced Tea

I guess you could say that i love citrus and herbs! Post your list now!

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