Friday, February 15, 2008

Pawpaw, Flan and Tamarindo

So the Pawpaw saga continues but without any happy news to report. The Pawpaw flavor has shown up three more time in the past weeks, and every time it does I get a little short of breath and speed dial the location that the Daily Flavor Email or the Capogiro website specifies. All three times I have been greeted by “I don’t know what you are talking about. There is no Paw Paw here. We have Papaya though.” Noooooo! It is such a tease- papaya is great, but I have had papaya- I would not leave work early to get Papaya- whereas PawPaw might quicken my step and have me looking at my vacation hours. Oh I hope they fix whatever glitch is causing Papaya to come up as Paw Paw on the lists. And I hope they really make Pawpaw sometime soon. It is such an interesting fruit. Here is a link for more info on it: Pawpaw

But in better news Capogiro made Flan Gelato- Sooo delicious. I was a little worried that it would be too sweet or not very distinct but I was worried for nothing. The good thing about Flan that makes it different than some of the other flavors – Like burnt sugar or some others is that at first taste it is very fatty and smooth, sweet but not, to use a Spanish word, “Empalagoso” which roughly translates to overwhelming or smothering. At the very end the caramelized sugary coating comes in as an end note. The smokey sweetness was subtle but definitely made me experience the flan better. Thanks to MaryKate for packing me a pint of the flan. I was actually surprised that there was so much of it still in the bin but it was also one of the coldest day of the year so I hope they make it again.

Big news today I found out that according to the Daily list- Thanks to Jeannie- 20th street has Tamarind. That was one of my contest suggestions! Yaay! I haven’t verified yet but I will do so soon. I don’t know if they had done this flavor before but it would be great if it was because of my entry. I will update you all as I know more.

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