Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yummy Wholesale Pints & The Sorbetto Thief

This week all the crazyness of life made me crave capogiros. Since all the birthday pints were long gone it meant a trip to the Scarsdale Balducci's. Since my father, the chocolate (and junk food) fanatic, was staying with me I decided on purchasing a pint of the Cioccolato Scuro for him and also picked up a Turkish Coffee and Moro for myself. As my father unpacked I noticed he had more snacks then clothes. His small duffel bag contained boxes of both oreo and chewy chips ahoy cookies, chips and pretzels (mind you that this former healthfood nut and competative long distance runner was only staying two days). "Dad" I asked, "why did you bring so much junkfood? I bought you a pint of chocolate gelato." "Oh good, I'm gonna get some now" he replied. As the time went by I began to wonder, what in the world was taking him so long and shortly thereafter he emerged from the kitchen with a soup bowl full of MY MORO. "Dad, why are you eating by sorbetto? I told you there was chocolate gelato for you." "Well, I've still got my chocolate." "What do you mean Dad?" Well he had not only discovered the moro but had scooped almost the entire pint into the largest soup bowl he could find in my kitchen and then crunched his cookies into it. Which cookies, you ask? Both! The oreos and the chips ahoy. Ugh. He ate it all leaving me only a corner of the bottom of the pint. Luckily, he left that last little corner for me because I finally got to rejoice in the wonderfully sweet and tangy taste. All I have to say is that Capogiro's NY wholesale team has done a fantastic job of getting fresh flavors into the stores. While the wholesale has always been an alternative to fresh from the shop capogiros. It's normally not as good, it sometimes seems as though it's been thawed and refrozen or been left too long on the shelves which therefore changes the flavor. The three spoonfuls of Moro I got was simply perfect. I can't wait to taste the others.

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