Sunday, March 16, 2008

Menta and Guiness

Today we saw that Capogiro 13th had one of our favorite's and one of the rarest flavors at the same time. Since my family was visiting though and they didn't feel like walking there in the cold rain we almost missed it. We had gotten all caught up with that and almost forgot but the Omar reminded us about Guiness and Mint strat at 13th during dinner. I stopped eating my dinner and called to see what time they closed. 10:00 o'clock said Jenna on the phone. It was 915 so we had to hurry. The four of us hurried over. Omar hurried a little too much as he ran down the street and pulled a ham string, so he was out of commission for the night. Jen also went home in solidarity for Omar's plight. We continued on determined that Omar's wounds would not be in vain. WE got there and there was still a little Menta Stracciatella left and there was some Guiness too. We tried them just to make sure they were good batches. They were. The mint had been better on some batches but it is never a bad batch just not spectacular sometimes. I requested a pint of half Guiness, half Menta Stracciatella. I also asked for it to be split vertically. I got a look of surprise from Brian ( I think his name is Brian), and a look of "I don't think so" from Jenna. But he tried and did it. It came out great. I wouldn't make such a big deal of it but the other way you have to go through all of one flavor to get to the one on the bottom. Vertical halving is the way to go. Thanks to Brian and Jenna for making it happen. The Guiness is delicious the oat taste really comes out in the beginning and the beer comes through in the end. It's really good and I have only seen it around St. Patrick's day so head on over tomorrow and get some.

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