Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pawpaw close cousin- Cherimoya

Today Jeannie noticed that Cherimoya was on the daily menu and said, "Hey that's something we haven't had!" We did a quick Wiki search and there it was Cherimoya is in the same family as PAWPAW. I know I keep harping on it but that fruit was eaten by Native Americans long before America was America and was not grown commercially for a long time until it recently started again in Pennsylvania. It has been described as being a cross between a mango and a banana. Doesn't that sound like something to get obsessed about! Anyway, to 20th Street we go after calling and verifying that in fact was there. In the case they had a specimen as they usually do. It looks like a Guanabana- which resembles an artichoke. The interior flesh is white and spongy feeling almost like foamy. The seeds are the same dark large seeds, the Cherimoya was similar. They are all in fact in the same family of fruits. The Cherimoya had a banana taste mingled with a tartness sort of like green mango. It also had a bit of grit from the actual fruit and a tannin like drying of the mouth. All in all I really like it. We had it paired with Honey Tangerine. It was a good pairing, the sweet and tart and smoothness of the two of them went well. I can't wait to try Pawpaw. I will not lose hope!!

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