Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Best Flavor List Ever

So i'm checking my email on the bus in transit to New York and i see the daily flavor list for 13th Street. My, how i want to turn around! Looks like we'll need to bring the big cooler tonight. (I've starred the ones i'm certainly tasting, double stars for the pinters!)


Flavors of the Day for our 13th Street Location:

* Baby Kiwi
Hairless and grapesized. It does not sound appetizing, but it is incredible. Sometimes they grow in Lancaster County. Really.

** Caped Gooseberry
Member of the tomatillo family. Subtle, not too sweet.

* Cardamomo
Cardamom. That spicy spice we love so much!

* Champagne
French champagne sorbetto. Light and crisp.

* Cinnamon Basil
Made with Lancaster County Cinnamon Basil, Spicy!

* Cioccolato Amarena
Rich chocolate gelato layered with wild sour cherries.

* Cioccolato Peperocini
Rich chocolate blended with spicy jalapeno.

Drunken Pears
Lancaster County Bosc Pears poached in Valpolicella

Elderberry with Sambuca
Elderberry gelato infused with Sambuca.

** Fico Oro
Golden Fig, sweet and mild

* Fragola con Dragoncello
Lancaster County Strawberries with local tarragon

Fragola con Pernod

* Kiwano Melon
Those freaky looking yellow horned melons with orange tips. The flesh is chartreuse green and extremely sweet.

** Lavender Stracciatella


** Lychee

* Macintosh Apple
(from NY State and Lancaster County)

* Maracuja

* Mora Gelato
Lancaster County Blackberries.

Nino Banana

** Peanut
House roasted peanuts

Smoky pine nuts, toasted and blended smooth.

* Pluot
Sometimes called a Dinosaur Plum. High in Vitamin A and actually a mix of 3/4 plum and 1/4 apricot.

Rosemary Honey Goat Milk
Lancaster County goat's milk infused with Lansdale rosemary sweetened by New Jersey buckwheat honey.

* Tellicherry Peppercorn

Uva Cremisi
Beautiful crimson table grapes from Chile.

* Wasabi

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