Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lav Strat

A Friday night walk to 20th St in search of the last bit of Lavender Straciatella (we called to check) reaped such amazingness i'm wishing there was enough for a pint. An intensely lavender flavored batch with the perfect amount of dark chocolate swirled in, so unbelievably good and perfect. Its place as my #1 flavor holds strong; even Tears loved it so! Nate informed us that they've been buggin the lavender farmers but it's not technically in season yet. Makes sense as my little lavender plant has barely doubled in size but does smell excellent. The group sitting next to us was fawning over the "adventurousness" of Lavender Straciatella but none of them seemed to like it. Weirdness. (PS: We miss Nate at 13th St!)

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