Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Try the Granita! For Real! Do it NOW!

photo by Jen

A few days ago, I saw some sort of training going on at Capogiro. I didn't know what it was. No idea. All I could see was some sort of orange ice. I was too shy to break up their training and poke my nose in. But now, my questions have been answered!

So the Granita normally is a flavored ice with whipped cream. However, when I stopped by 20th Street today, the whipped cream machine was being cleaned. Instead, I got the Orange Granita with Fior di Latte.

I know I compare many a gelato concoction to childhood joys. That said, this is a Rita's Gelati all grown up.

While the ice is not as finely frozen, that's okay. You realize that Capogiro's Italian Ice is probably made by hand. The human effort gives the ice crystals an analog, old world charm. The inconsistencies in crystal size add a dynamic quality.

It's unfair to compare the milky aspects due to my extenuating circumstances (gelato vs. whipped cream). I will say that Fior di Latte still kicks butt. To me, it's artistic and bold. It is an unflinching declaration of the quality of Capgorio's ingredients.

So if you go and get a Granita with whipped cream, please let me know what it's like. If not, go beg for Firo di Latte.

I have it on good authority that they're going to be debuting other flavors soon... Coffee perhaps? Any fruit would be amazing. Give me mango, and I will have a personal Granita vs. Gelati show off.


  1. OH Y.U.M. This sounds like an awesome thing.

  2. i went into 20th street this past weekend and was sadly disappointed by the whipped cream granita. too light, too fluffy, and the whipped cream got smooshed and watered down by the ice.

    i had the gelato granita with omar the day he reviewed it, and it was a far superior product.

    i even went and purchased a cup of fior di latte to finish my granita.

    another update is that they are also serving a coffee version now.. but, demand the gelato!


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