Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fior Di Latte and Homemade Black Raspberry Jam

Two weekends ago, I went with Sugar and Tears to a farm in Chester
County, PA and we picked our own Black Raspberries and Blueberries. I've been making an effort to only eat local foods and there's no better way to appreciate your meal than picking it yourself.

I walked away with 2.5 pounds of each kind of berry and no idea what to make with it all. Not wanting it to go bad, I threw them all into the freezer and waited for inspiration... JAM!

The truest sign of Capogiro addiction is when you're making jam and all you can think is... "you know what would make this jam better? Fior Di Latte!"

A few hours later, The Sniffer and I were at 13th Street and chatting up Ryan and Ellie telling them about my jam making exploits. Those two are so awesome, I had to come back with some jam for them to share.

Back at our house, jam went on Fior Di Latte and was gone in no time. I suggest that you get some fresh fruit and mix it with with this delicious milk gelato. It was a perfectly sweet bed for these powerful little berries.


  1. just wanted to say that fior di latte with your black raspberry jam was delicious!!! Everyone tried it and agreed, but of course, only I ate it all...haha

    Ellie even said she'd pay for it...hmmm....


  2. ditto! it was so delicious!

  3. Oooohhh, Jen that Jam looks so yummy!

  4. Thanks Guys!

    I'll be making blueberry jam in August, so hopefully there will be something exceptional to pair it with.

    I'm thinking lemon might be amazing.


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