Monday, July 7, 2008

Gelato Sandwich

You remember when you'd tear open the paper wrapper of an ice cream sandwich, gobble down the sugary goodness, covering the tips of your fingers with a chocolate like material? Well, toss out that preconception and be ready for something totally new, different, and better.

This is a pair of spice cookies holding Flan gelato. The spice cookies are crisp and not at all soggy. They form a frame for the gelato, and the cookies' crunch contrasts well with the smooth cream of the gelato. The best aspect of the cookies are that they have a solid flavor without overpowering the Flan inside.

The Flan is good. Flan is basically caramel custard. So what you get is a good blend of caramel and cream. To me, Capogiro's flan is light which is probably more European in nature. I am more accustomed to a heavier flan that uses condensed milk instead of, well, normal milk. I had been hoping for an experience closer to that of Cioccolato Scuro where the flavor of the Flan would be potent and thick. After adjusting my expectations, however, I found that I did enjoy the sandwich quite a bit.

The Spice Cookie Flan Gelato sandwich is a must try for anyone looking for a neo-stalgic experience.

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