Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not To Be Missed Awesome Summer Combos!

Our friend Ryan recommended two summer combos that are must haves before the season is out. We ran home with our little cups and dove right in. But then, it was sad when we realized we were halfway done, and we hadn't taken a picture. C’est la vie.

The first combo was Lemon and Mirtillo con Grand Marnier. Lemon has to be the palate cleanser to end all palate cleansers. It is at first sweet and refreshing as you'd imagine a citrus sorbetto would be; but then, the tart appears. That Lemon has some serious pucker appeal. The Lemon's paves the way for Mirtillo con Grand Marnier. Sadly, my taste buds are not developed enough to taste the Grand Marnier. Regardless, it's really good. The Blueberry was mild and soothing providing an enjoyable counterpoint to the Lemon. Having had some of Little Spoon's freshly picked blueberries, I really enjoyed tasting the transformation of fruit to sorbetto. I recommend going out and sampling freshly picked ingredients before tasting the sorbettos, it'll help you appreciate the culinary artistry of sorbetto making.

The second was Cioccolato Scuro and Lampone Rosso. Dark Chocolate, as always, is amazing. Cioccolato Scuro should be in any chocolate lover's top 5. My only detraction to Cioccolato Scuro is that I never know how to pair it. It's so strong; it's the espresso of chocolate gelato. How do you pair it? Well you pair it with something equally powerful. Red Raspberry fits that bill. Sharp in flavor, the sweet and tart Lampone Rosso clears the flavor queue of your mouth. To me, raspberry (and blueberry for that matter) is tricky because if done incorrectly there is no harmony between its sweet and sour. Capogiro manages to bring out raspberry's two opposing dynamics and balances them while keeping them potent enough to match Ciccolato Scuro's bitter. Your mouth is on a journey with these two. You begin with Cioccolato Scuro, earthy and primal; and Lampone Rosso brings you back into the light.

I close with a general note to all of you sorbetto / gelato eaters out there. When in doubt, always ask the staff for their recommendations. They are the connoisseurs who best understand how flavors evolve and develop due to process and ingredients.

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