Monday, July 14, 2008

On the road again......

What could be better then ending a long weekend of traveling with a stop in Philly for some capogiro's on the way back to NYC. Unfortunately, the trip had to be a short one but I was lucky to catch up with Sugar while I had an amazing mixture of Ruby Red grapefruit with campari and yellow peach. In retrospect I would have like to try a pairing of the grapefruit with fior di latte. I used my lovely certificate and was able to take home 2 pints, 1 of mojito sorbetto and 1 of yellow peach. I love the yellow peach and to me it speaks of everything summer.......though peach cobbler would be nice maybe if we mixed it with the Saigon Cinnamon? Guys try it and tell me if it's wonderful since I have to live in envy of all of your daily flavor selections. But I digress, this was my first time trying to mojito and it had that wonderful tartness that makes me treasure every bite. I'm having a very difficult time trying not to finish the pint too quickly so that it lasts until my next philly run. :-)

Oh and have I mentioned lately how much I love Lorenzo, the Capogiro Wholesale Director, effective today Whole Foods Union Square has peach, blueberry thyme, fig, and one of my all time favorites LEMON OPAL BASIL. Can you guess where I'll be sometime this week?

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