Monday, July 28, 2008

Yellow Peach Regret

First of all I must rave about the awesomeness that was the pint of Mojito that traveled back to NYC with me. The freshness of the mint combined with the tart lime was the perfect mixture for summer and the pint barely made it 3 days without being completely devoured. Unfortunately I can’t be as positive about the yellow peach pint. Some people may remember how I rejoiced last summer about the flavor and texture of the yellow peach but this time around my heart (or perhaps my taste buds) was saddened by the poorly made pint of peach. I feel so much remorse for having to write this, my first negative entry, and that is perhaps why it’s taken me so much time to finish it. I ordered a small cup of ½ yellow peach and ½ grapefruit while at the 13th street shop and it was good. However, I’ve now realized that the brilliance and tartness of the grapefruit was overpowering the flavor and texture of the yellow peach. When I got the pint back to NYC and opened it up to “sample” it before giving it to my grandmother I was sorely disappointed. The batch was gritty, and sour, just not the sweet summery peachy flavor of capgoriro’s peach pints I’ve had in the past. So disappointing that it has stayed, untouched, since that day, in my freezer. For some reason though I can’t bear to eat it, I can’t bring myself to throw it away, especially since this was one of the two pints that my grand prize winning certificate was used for.

On a lighter, more positive post, I’ve now made three trips to the Capogiro’s stand in Rockefeller Center and the Pineapple Mint continues to be amazing as does the Lemon. The only drawback is the horribly sweet drinks (not made by Capogiro) that the Rockefeller Café has paired with the gelato and sorbetto. Luckily, I believe the Rockefeller Café staff member who was scooping has figured this out and urged me to taste the drinks before purchasing them. So here’s to looking forward to a summer full of wonderful cups of sorbetto at Rockefeller Center.

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