Monday, October 27, 2008

Breakfast and Lunch!

I totally missed this post from the Citypaper earlier this month!

Capogiro’s Stephanie Reitano wants to make you breakfast. No, not pork roll-flavored gelato (ooh): She and husband John are in the very early stages of opening a small restaurant that’ll serve hot food ... (The kitchen should be ready by the end of 2008.) On the grounds, there’s a free-standing structure that was originally used as a stable; it once housed a café. This’ll be the home of the Reitanos’ as-yet-unnamed breakfast and lunch spot. “It will definitely serve Capogiro gelato, but will [also] have a hot kitchen serving fresh, simple, delicious food,” Stephanie says. “The concept is not completely baked."

Yikes! We're so there when it opens.

1 comment:

  1. How amazing would a restaurant be from the Reitano's?!?!

    I agree with the city paper, the PCDC needs to get moving on this now.

    By the way, Stephanie, if you are reading this... I wanna work there!


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