Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Brioche Mondays

Yesterday, I was delighted to see peanut and marshmallow on the 13th street flavor list. I texted a friend of mine, and told her to meet me for the awesomeness of gelato on a brioche. There were so many great things to pair up and slap on that sweet little pastry.

I got to 13th street, and was told that there are no brioches on Mondays... ever.

How sad.

So, here's my non-brioche mix of marshmallow, peanut, and snicker doodle cookie. I already dug in a little bit by the time this pic was taken... It was so much neater when it was handed to me.

The peanut gelato was quite excellent, and had nice peanut butter swirls mixed into it. The marshmallow was a little weak, to be honest. It couldn't hold it's own in a fight with the mighty peanut.

And for that snicker doodle cookie, it was good... but i should have asked for another one and made a little gelato sandwich instead!

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