Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paw Paw at last

So after so many time that PawPaw was mistakenly put on the menu when it should have read Papaya, this time I saw it on the menu and called to verify. "Yeah we have it, we have plenty left." We ran over, not literally, but we didn't daudle. They had a lot left so I got a small of just pawpaw. I would have normally gotten a pint but money isn't going as far as it used to so I have to be satisfied with a small. The flavor was really delicious and interesting. The description of it being a cross between a mango and a banana is pretty accurate. The taste was so smooth and fatty on the tongue like a banana but it also had the tang of a good mango. The taste reminds me of a fruit that I had in El Salvador whose name I can't remember. I have to say PawPaw was definitely worth the wait. I don't know if it makes my top five or not since there are so many Capogiro flavors that I love that a top five would only be the beginning but it is definitley something I will keep my eye out for. I tend to get tired of the same old flavors and this one definitely was out of the ordinary. Try it if you want to try a real american native fruit. I think that PA is one of the few places that still grow this rare find.

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